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Keep your Medicaid information up to date to maintain coverage

Healthy Louisiana members need to make sure their information stays current to ensure their Medicaid coverage. You can make changes to your address and your financial and employment information online at https://sspweb.lameds.ldh.la.gov/selfservice/.You will need to create an account to make changes. 

Medicaid is now checking eligibility more than once a year, so it is important that your information and your address is current. 

If you get a letter from Medicaid asking for more information or asking you to verify your income, be sure to respond as soon as possible. If you do not, your case may be closed and you may lose your Medicaid coverage, even if you are still eligible.


What’s Healthy Blue?

We’re a health plan — or insurance company — for Medicaid. We help you get the care you need like doctor visits, medicines, therapy and more. In Louisiana, the overall Medicaid program is called Healthy Louisiana.

In Louisiana, we:

  • Work with over 13,000 doctors
  • Have over 160 hospitals to choose from
  • Work with the top three hospitals in LA ranked by U.S. News and World Report

Update your address today!

If the Louisiana Department of Health or Healthy Blue sends you something in the mail and it gets returned because you have moved, you may lose your Medicaid benefits.

If you don’t update your address within 60 days of when we find out your address is incorrect, you may lose your Medicaid benefits.

Update your address online or call Member Services at 1-844-521-6941 (TTY 711).

Did you know? We’ve recently updated our benefits.

We now offer Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services for members 21 and under.

ABA therapy is a set of behavior treatments that work to improve communication and social skills. ABA services require preapproval and must be medically necessary for us to cover them and require preapproval from your child’s provider.

We’ve added to our Healthy Rewards program, so you earn more while taking care of yourself.

Click here to find out more about our Healthy Rewards program.

You now have more time to appeal our decisions if you disagree with them.

If you disagree with a decision we make about your benefits, you now have 60 days to file a medical appeal instead of 30 days. Additionally, you have 120 days to ask for a State Fair Hearing instead of 30 days.

We need your help!

The Louisiana Department of Health is working on a plan to address the opioid crisis, and they need your help. Please take this quick survey. You can submit your answers anonymously if you’d like, or send an email to opioidpubliccomment@la.gov  with any questions or comments.

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