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Healthcare you can count on.


What’s Healthy Blue?

We’re a health plan — or insurance company — for Medicaid. We help you get the care you need like doctor visits, medicines, therapy and more. In Louisiana, the overall Medicaid program is called Healthy Louisiana.

In Louisiana, we:

  • Work with over 13,000 doctors
  • Have over 160 hospitals to choose from
  • Work with the top three hospitals in LA ranked by U.S. News and World Report

Update your address today!

If the Louisiana Department of Health or Healthy Blue sends you something in the mail and it gets returned because you have moved, you may lose your Medicaid benefits.

If you don’t update your address within 60 days of when we find out your address is incorrect, you may lose your Medicaid benefits.

Update your address online or call Member Services at 1-844-521-6941 (TTY 711).

Ready for Bad Weather?

We're here to help! 

What is the Zika Virus?

It starts with listening to you.

To learn what matters to you, we just ask. If you receive a survey in the mail or by phone, please complete it. Help us make your plan better.